Sunday, 18 January 2009

Long Sunday Run

The internet is a great thing. Via mapmyrun I managed to meet Paul this morning who has lived less than 100m from me since 2000 and been running the same trails I have been running. So plenty to chat about and when I came out onto the drive Kenny and Paul were there and ready to rock. Only no-show was Magnus - I'll rib him on Monday night.

Luminous yellow was the team colour today with all three of us opting for the bright option kit wise.

Decided against the paths early on and stuck to the route I'd done about three weeks ago with Dave. I'd had it in mind that Kenny had done the route too that day, but he ducked out at Childwickbury so had never made it to the lake with us. He was dropping back and as Paul and I chatted away the 8 minute miles kinnda turned into 7:30s. We kept glancing back and making sure Kenny was still behind us and I'd seen him as we went up the hill after the Ancient Brition to the town centre. Next thing I know we're half way around the Verulanium Lake and no sign of Kenny. Paul and I reckon he must be just out of sight and loop back along the lake (hence 13.2 rather then 13.1 miles) but no sign. He's gone. In the gents?

We head home feeling pretty guilty by the time we get back to Harpenden. I've left a little trail of gels as my gel belt elastic has gone. Text Ken when I get home and leave a message on his answer phone.

Finally hear the good news that he is alive and well.

As he was not actually with us three weeks ago he did not know how to get down to the lake from the town centre so he went all the way down hollywell hill (having spotted two blokes up ahead in fetching yellow, they turned out to be road workers!) and in via Westminster Lodge. Adding a good 1.5 to 2miles onto the route. He went around the lake came out the way we went in. Then back home the way we had come.

Here is the route (including the bit we did at the lake as a Kenny loop back).

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